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Hawaii Eco Weddings...

 is specialized in weddings and vow renewals on the island of Oahu. The island is home to the capital of the US state Hawaii, Honolulu, and some of the most famous beaches in the world such as Pipeline, Sunset, Lanikai and Waikiki. You will breath surfing, nature and ALOHA in Oahu!

The company emerged in 2013...

from the partnership between friends Elaine Yamamoto and Ricardo Taveira. Ricardo organized his own wedding with Hawaiian style in 2010, and then started to help his friends to do the same. The task turned into a business and of course, with the creation of the company, the ceremonies became professional. Elaine is the wedding coordinator for Hawaii Eco Weddings and follows the couple throughout the event planning and makes sure that everything goes with the personality and taste of each couple.

Our priorities while helping couples are:

Personalized service and the preferences of the couple are always considered. Direct monitoring of a professional from Hawaii Eco Weddings with the bride and groom throughout the organization of the ceremony and during the whole stay of the couple in Hawaii.


 Planning of all tourist activities that the couple want to do during their stay in Hawaii, in partnership with Hawaii Eco Divers. Organization of complete packages that go far beyond the wedding, including accommodation, transportation with arrival and departure to the airport, car rental, restaurant reservations, etc.


Partnership with reliable and competent suppliers so the bride and groom don’t need to worry (wedding dresses, hair & make up stylist, photographers, video professionals, flowers distributors etc.)