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What is the best time of the year to travel Hawaii?

This is a question that many couples think about while planning theirwedding in Hawaii. The answer could not be better: ALL YEAR LONG!

The truth is that it is sunny and hot all during all year on the islands. The seasons are not very different andyou can barely feel the difference when they change. In fact, only two seasons are considered in Hawaii: summer (Kau in Hawaiian), from May to September, and winter (Hooilo), from October to April. The temperature variation is minimal throughoutthe year, usually between 21ºC and 29.4ºC (70 F and 85 F). The average temperature during the day in the summer is 29.4 C (85 F) and 25.6º C (78 F) in the winter.


Summer or winter in Hawaii? It is hard to tell.

Winter full of good things

It rains more often during Hawaiian winter is rainier than in the summer, but the days are usually sunny and pleasant. It is at this time of the year that the surf season is up on the North Shore of Oahu, so for couples who enjoy surfing (or watching), we recommend coming during this season. Surfing takes place in other parts of the island during the whole year, but for those who want to see the big waves of the North Shore, winter is ideal, especially in December and January, the peak season.


Winter in Hawaii means surf on theNorth Shore / Foto: Leo Neves

What to bring

For those coming to Hawaii in the winter, we recommend bringing a light jacketto wear in the evening, especially for the windy days. In the summer we also recommend having a sweater in the suitcase, but it is very unlikely that you need a long sleeve between April and September. During the day only bathing suits and light pieces all year round! Make sure to pack shorts, light dresses, colorful and floral prints, after all you are in paradise!